Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do Women Make Better Leaders?

Do Women Make Better Leaders?

Three blogs or thought leaders that I respect have addressed this intriguing question

  1. CBS News feature John Zenger and Joseph Folkman. "In decades of analyzing exceptional leadership, John Zenger and Joseph Folkman have identified 16 traits required for success. These include integrity, initiative, self-development, problem solving and a drive for results. Zenger and Folkman have made their names and their business by designing powerful tools to test for these qualities and to develop them in high potential executives. That's given them the data to analyze where the qualities are most likely to be found. With regards to the differences in effectiveness between male and female leaders, the results were striking: Women outscore men in leadership effectiveness". See full article here
  2. Diversity Woman suggest a need to (a) Understand the differences in the perceptions of Caucasian, African-American, Asian, and Latino women and how those perceptions can impact the ability of women to break into leadership positions and (b) Understand that a good leader has both traditionally male and traditionally female leadership qualities. It is not an either-or. The styles are complementary. Read More Here
  3. FORBES featured Elena Bajic, the founder and CEO of Ivy Exec, as well as a contributor to Forbes on topics of HR and Entrepreneurship. She says that "We need to move past questioning whether women are as capable as men, or are better suited for this role or that role…and focus on the skills and capabilities they bring as professionals. Please see more here


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