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AfChix ( is seeking to document ten (10) African women in Technology role models from the regions: Southern Africa, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa and Central Africa. We shall be publishing their stories on social media and Televisions. For more information, visit this link:

We believe that by exposing and mentoring young girls and women to possible career opportunities in Computer Science & ICT, we will empower them to join technical fields confidently. Our programs target the upper primary and high school girls between the age of 9 to 18, the young women who have freshly joined careers in ICT/Computer Science at Universities and workplaces and those established and looking to grow into technical leadership positions.
We shall be disseminating the information on portable storage devices during our career and mentorship meetings with students.

As one of the 10 African Women in Technology Role models, by sharing your story, you will be inspiring the over half a million girls in Africa to consider joining the Computer Science/ICT Career path. By sharing your story, your contributions in the industry will be visible to a significant number of viewers across the continent and beyond.

Selection will be based on the following :
1. Must be a woman
2. Must be from Africa
3. Must be willing to share her story as a role model and grants permission to AFCHIX and AFRINIC and other partners to share this information on the various online and offline channels
4. Academic Qualification: Must have studied or is studying any S.T.E.M -related programs (eg, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, etc).
5. Technical Roles: Those currently playing a technical Role are highly recommended
6. Managerial Roles: Those who transitioned from Technical to Managerial roles are highly recommended
7. Might be a mentor or not necessarily a mentor to anyone
8. Might have an inspiring story of how she fell in love with, eg Mathematics.

Some Important Dates:
December 12th 2016 - Nomination forms open to applicants
February 12th 2017 -Close of Nominations
February 28th 2017 -Announcement of Selected candidates to all participants . Please fill in this brief nomination form for a possible selection. You can nominate yourself or someone else,

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For any inquiries, reach us on:

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and prosperous 2017!

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