Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Girls in ICT Day

Theme: Expand horizons, change attitudes

Organizers and facilitators: - Women in Technology Uganda in partnership with Afchix Africa

Audience: - The girls of Kyambogo College School
Afchix Members who participated: 
- Lilian Kamara
- Joan Nayiga
- Lillian Achom
WITU members who participated: 
- Lynn
- Brian
Major Activities: 
- Presentations by the women groups: Afchix and WITU
- Teaching the basics of website design-introducing HTML; Hands-on practicals

Afchix members’ duties and responsibilities:

-Lilian Kamara-           Took photos
-Joan Nayiga-              Wrote report
-Lillian Achom-            Made the presentation
-All-                             Assisted in teaching website design basics to the students

Presentation made by Lillian: 
Lillian briefly talked about the background and history of Afchix and the purpose of its existence.
She then talked more about the many opportunities that IT provides and encouraged the girls to look at the positive side of IT. She stressed about the importance of joining such groups as Afchix or WITU as it has many inspiring ladies who are ready to provide mentoring and career guidance to them. One of the girls was asked to read out Irene Naitore's testimony, as a way to encourage the girls.

Questions from the students:
1. "Can someone enroll or apply for a computer related course when they did an Arts course at A-level?"
2. "What is the importance of designing a website? How does it benefit me?"

Women in technology Uganda (WITU) presentation:

After a very brief presentation by Lynn about WITU, together with WITU representatives, the two groups then started off with a practical session where the girls were taught how to design websites using HTML. In this session, the students were able to design a simple webpage and learned how to: insert words in a webpage, change font sizes, insert back ground color, save and open web pages. Generally, the event was more engaging and the girls were excited about their own work. Group photos were taken and refreshments were provided for the girls after the teaching session and the event was officially closed by 3pm

Monday, April 29, 2013

AfChix Website Working Group

Dear Ladies

We are calling for at least 3 girls/women that are interested in being part of the AfChix Website Working Group to review and make recommendations on the AfChix website - http://www.afchix.org/

This Working Group will join Phoebe Mutua (Kenya) and Lukoo Mangolopa (DRC) and their terms of reference will be:
  1. Choose a chair and secretary for the group
  2. Work as a team and review the AfChix Africa website
  3. Recommend a phased approach for improving the website
  4. Articulate the costs associated with this work
  5. Suggest a strategy going forward in terms of maintenance of the website
  6. Draft a holistic report that will guide the work to be done and this will also be used to fund-raise for this project
This work is set to begin 6th May 2013 and conclude 24th May 2013. In order to be selected to join this group you must be:

  1.     Enthusiastic about building collaborative websites
  2.     Good at working online with others
  3.     Committed
  4.     Good proposal writing skills

This is a great opportunity for contributing to the growth of our network. Please submit your interests through:
Ms Nodumo Dhlamini
AfChix Africa Women in Technology
Website: http://www.afchix.org/
Blog: http://afchix.blogspot.com/

A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed. (Henrik Ibsen)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Afchix Uganda has teamed up with WITU to celebrate Girls in ICT Day. Date: 27th April 2013, Time: 10am-1:00pm, Venue: Kyambogo College School.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

GHC Scholarships Applications-Less than a month a way!

Dear chix, This is a reminder to us all, We have 24days to closure of submissions of scholarships applications to GHC. Let's play our individual roles and make it together! Asante Regards Lillian

Thursday, April 18, 2013


 When did the event take place?
On 5th April 2013

  Who was there?
  1. •    Lillian Achom
  2. •    Emily Namugaanyi
  3. •    Lisa Katusiime
  4. •    Viola Bazanye
  5. •    Martha Lukabwe
  6. •    Liz Mirembe
  7. •    Senior five and senior six students of Namirembe Hillside School
  8. •    The Computer Teacher at Namirembe Hillside School
What was the event about?
  • Empowering girls to take up IT careers
  • Inform them about Afchix and what it represents.
  • Answer burning questions about IT jobs and careers.
Where did the event take place?
Namirembe Hillside School, Kampala, Uganda

The Afchix team arrived at 2:00pm
Seminar with Senior Five Students and Senior Six Students
  1. Group Presentation
  2. Introducing Afchix
  3. IT careers presentation
  4. Questions from students
  5. Activity session
Why was the event scheduled?
Afchix has a vision of gender diversity in the IT and computer science industry to:
  1. Inspire girls to take up IT related careers.
  2. Network with women for the purpose of supporting them to grow in their IT careers
  3. Encourage young girls to take up IT careers.
Highlights of the Career Guidance Seminar
Namirembe Hillside School is located in Gayaza, Wakiso district. The seminar was meant for girls in particular but the boys were also allowed to participate -  and they indeed took part. The computer teacher introduced the team and handed over to Lisa who further introduced the team and each member gave a brief introduction of themselves.

Lillian Achom and Emily Namugaanyi were the featured speakers inspiring the students to take up IT related careers. They encouraged the students to make their careers more than just a job. Lillian gave the students an overview of what Afchix is and what it represents - i.e. the goal and mission of Afchix. Emily broadened the students’ knowledge of IT related careers and encouraged the students to challenge themselves to perform excellently in class and to be creative and innovative in their thinking.

The activity session was led by Liz and Lisa. The students were grouped in groups of 10 and were given an IT word puzzle. They were required to find as many words as possible in five minutes. They were not informed that the winner would be given a prize. In the end they were disappointed to find out that the winner was given a pack of sweets and they had not given it their best. They were encouraged to always do their best. In IT team work is very important as it helps accomplish tasks better and faster.

Martha and Viola were responsible for the video and photos. They did an excellent job and the pictures came out great. Overall the event was successful and enjoyable for all the parties that were involved.

Questions asked by the students include:
1.    Give examples of IT companies one can setup?
2.    What achievements have we got as Afchix?
3.    How can men be involved in Afchix?
4.    What combinations do we have to do to get into IT courses at university?
5.    How does a person earn when they build an application? How does the application bring them income?

Quotes from students
“I am excited about Afchix and how can I be part of it”